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Harvest 2019

The season started with a great amount of spring time frosts. We were also affected at our main Vineyard. But in some of the other vineyards it was a total loss.

Then around flowering it just poured rain. This miserable weather resulted in a very low fruit set resulting in very small berry sizes.

Luckily the summer was just magnificent, hot and dry.

This weather and the low yields affected the start of vintage which had never been this early.

We were able to pick very concentrated red wines, with a lot of Tannins and great potential for long time storage.

The Sauvignon Blanc was also picked with beautiful ripe and tropical flavour profiles.

As vintages 2017 and 2018 had heavy rain in April that ruined the opportunity to make world class Cabernets and Syrah…

2019 finally had the ideal weather for these late ripening red wine varieties. Our customers worldwide are already looking forward to these wines when they will come out.

The weather stayed fine and it was a short wait for some nicely shrivelled grapes for our noble sweet wines.

2019 was an exceptional year, with very low yields and fantastic quality!