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Inspecting Grapes at Little Vineyards and Lyndor

A few days ago Karl inspected the grapes at Little Vineyards.¬† Karl keeps a close eye on the grapes and is checking for the level of ripeness. This vineyard is situated just east¬† of Masterton on limestone soil and is owned by Nick Dench. Karl makes his wines, and they are under Nick Dench’s label of “Little Vineyards of Wairarapa”


Our top of the range Cabernet & Merlot “Lyndor” is sourced from a vineyard not far from Nick Dench’s Pinot Noir. The grapes were first planted in the clay limestone soil in 1986. It is one of the oldest established vineyards north of Martinborough.


As you can see… that the vines are certainly old!




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