Johner Estate

… falling in love with the beauty of the Wairarapa region, its climate and wonderful conditions to grow stunning Pinot Noir; these were the reasons we established our second Estate on the absolute opposite side of the world. Yes Karl Johner, his wife Irene, and son Patrick have a well known winery in Germany where they were amongst the first vintners to adapt a quality regime and focus on great burgundy style wines. With our vision to also create great Pinot Noir in New Zealand, the focus of the wines is not set to upfront fruit. We just love complexity. Wines that reveal new delicate flavours whilst drinking, showing great depth and a lingering finish.
Talking with sommeliers and chefs from high class German restaurants helps us discover which aspects and styles pair well with food and informs us an elegant style is essential to continue enjoying the wine and not simply be satiated after one glass.
Perhaps this is the reason we don’t necessarily stand out in competitions. Our wines never impact with a punch!
People who have been introduced to our wines just become pleasantly addicted to them, and being different, we feel, is certainly a great virtue…

So if you have never tasted our wines before please don’t hesitate to drop by, have a look at the winery and sample our wines yourself. You will be made most welcome by our knowledgeable tasting room team! Alternatively, you can also taste them at our German Winery.