Dessert wines

We make a variety of dessert wines and use what nature gave us. We are not bound by the normal varieties used in sweet wine production and have gained a huge following for these wines by daring to be different.

We leave the grapes on the vines late after harvest to  become very ripe. The grapes also have botrytis which perforates the skin and concentrates the flavours and sugars.

Botrytis Cinerea imparts new tastes of rich honey, apricot and tropical flavour to the future wine.

Current vintage: Sauvignon Blanc noble 2014

Previous vintage: 2009

Current vintage: Pinot Noir 2013

Previous Pinot Noir noble: 2012, 2009, 2005

Current vintage: Cabernet 2014

Previous varieties & vintages:

Riesling noble: 2011

Syrah noble: 2011, 2008
Cabernet Sauvignon noble: 2011

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