2009 Cabernet, Merlot & Malbec Wairarapa

CMM_KThis wine offers notably graceful aromas and flavours of boysenberries, cassis and other dark coloured fruits. Look for a touch of truffles. On the palate you can taste the fruits again paired with the richness and density of smooth tannins. It ends with a lovely long silky finish.

Vintage 2009 was a hot climate and a early year. During harvest it stayed warm and dry and our Cabernets got perfect ripe. To produce a high quality wine a lot of intensive manual vineyard work like de-leafing and reducing the crop is necessary. We do handpicking and select the berries again on a sorting table in the winery to ensure that only the sane berries are manufactured to wine. The fermentation on the skins took four weeks to extract the colour and supple tannins. After fermentation the wine was aged for 14 months in new and used oak (330l). We bottled the wine unfiltered in December 2010.

pork, beef, lamb, game or enjoy as an “chimney-wine”