With the vision of creating great Pinot Noir in New Zealand the Johner Family fell in love with the beauty of the Wairarapa region with its climate and wonderful conditions to grow stunning Pinot Noir.

These were the reasons why Karl Heinz Johner and his family established their second Estate on the absolute opposite side of the world in 2001.

Johner Estate is a small winery / vineyard with 14 hectares under vine planted in classical varieties.
The vineyard follows the course of the Ruamahanga River and is set in an extremely beautiful and idyllic setting, free draining alluvial soils and an ideal climate is the beginning of the recipe that is our wine.

Johner Estate is completely self-sufficient, growing, vinification, bottling, labelling, selling… All the wines are held very close to the heart and every process is overseen by the people at the winery & vineyard so we know about every single part of the journey of our wines.

Since 2010 Karl Heinz Johner and Raphael Burki have been working together. Raphael has been working at a boutique winery in Lucerne, Switzerland also producing premium and highly sought after Pinot Noir. After his first vintage at Johner Estate in 2010 Raphael came back to New Zealand to be the winemaker for Johner Estate and entered into a long term relationship with Karl Johner.

The focus of the wines character is not all about upfront fruit, we just love complexity. Wines that reveal new complex and interesting flavours whilst drinking, wines that show great depth and a lingering finish, elegant wines with personality which is essential to continue enjoying the wine.