Established in 2001, Johner Estate started off on a naked grazing field…

So far we have planted 8 ha of various Pinot Noir clones, originally selected in Burgundy, 3 ha of Sauvignon Blanc and a further hectare of 10 trial varieties ranging from Pinot Gris to Syrah.

In 2008 we were abel to source grapes from the Lyndor Estate to create a Cabernet and Merlot Blend from one of Wairarapa’s oldest vineyard growing on limestone.

In 2010 we started our first additional planting of 0.5 ha of Syrah on our main premises.

Technical notes

Annual rain fall: 800 ml rain mainly in winter.
Temperature in summer: from almost frost (night) up to 30° average (day).
Average production in total: 60 – 80’000 bottles from own grapes, further 50 – 60’000 from bought in fruit.
Vine training: single guyot – one cane training.
Very new: twin soil concept.