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The Estate

Established in 2001, Johner Estate started off on a naked grazing field…

As we have always been cautious about spending money, we grew at a very slow pace, so we could slowly build up our market.

So far we have planted 8 ha of various Pinot Noir clones, originally selected in Burgundy, 3 ha of Sauvignon Blanc and a further hectare of 10 trial varieties ranging from Pinot Gris to Syrah.

In 2008 we were abel to source grapes from the Lyndor Estate to create a Cabernet and Merlot Blend from one of Wairarapa’s oldest vineyard growing on limestone.

In 2010 we started our first additional planting of 0.5 ha of Syrah on our main premises.

The Key Quality facts of the main vineyards are:

* Alluvial free draining gravel.
* Cool maritime climate.
* Low rainfall.
* High density planting (2000 vines/acre).
* Low trellissing and open cultivation.
* Intense vine tending and green harvest.
* Very low yields.

2 Responses to The Estate

  1. Heribert says:

    Habe einfach mal nach euch geschaut… Bis zum Wiedersehen in Bischoffingen Alles liebe euer Heribert

  2. Ngaire says:

    Do you have any of your Pinot Gris 2012 or 2011 in stock and if not could you please direct me to an outlet in the Manawatu that may have it?

    Thanks will await your response

    Ngaire E

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