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It’s that time of year again!

Harvest 2015 has officially begun and our hardworking pickers are out amongst the vines hand selecting only the best grapes for this vintage.

So far the weather has stayed dry and cool, perfect conditions for the long task ahead!

Here is our first bin of Pinot Noir. Tasting every bit as fresh and ripe as it looks.


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Picking Sauvignon Blanc Grapes

Last years very low yield has created a slight shortage of our Sauvignon Blanc. This year, we are glad to pick wonderful ripe fruit with lovely tropical flavours and a hint of grapefruit. Although when looking at the green grapes you wouldn’t expect that ripeness… But we have reached high sugar levels maintaining a refreshing acidity level.

Starting off Harvest 2012

On the 30th of March 2012, we started our harvest. The first grapes picked were from  St. Martin Vineyards from Martinborough. Perfect ripe Chardonnay grapes at sugar levels of around 12,7 % vol alc. for our  Methode Traditionelle. Some very ripe berries even had sugar levels up to 26 Brix.

Mending nets

It is definitely a sign that the Harvest is over when you see the nets being rolled up and then checked for holes. The team at Joner are sharpening up their sewing skills and armed with string & a nifty finger knife they are onto the next job, net mending. A pleasant task when the sun is out but now the mornings are getting very chilly you can imagine they do not enjoy this stationary work in the cold. Today […]

Preparing Barrels for 2011 Pinot Noir

During the fermentation the yeast ferments the sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxid. This will lift the skins to the top on to the juice / young wine and form a cap. Now as all the color components and tannins are located in the skins this cap needs to be plunged down to mix it up with the juice again. As you can see in the picture, here we are using a semi-automated system. Tomorrow the first of the Pinot […]

Pinot Noir from Fraser Vineyard

  The harvest team is out in Martinborough at the Fraser block, picking Pinot Noir grapes which ripen there earlier than in Gladstone. Just another perfect day for picking with its’ warm, mild temperatures.       Dale transports the fruit in large plastic bins here to the winery. Yesterday, we had some trouble with our forklift. Suddenly it didn’t start anymore and we hab to realise how dependent we are and how the whole process stops… But then luckily […]

Wasps and Bees on the grapes

One of the big problems in the wine industry is pests. Wasps and bees attack the grapes and damage the berries. They make a hole and suck the juice and this makes the juice oxidize and go brown. If you pick such grapes and use them to make wine it will change the colour of the wine and the smell. As the wasps and bees attacks sporadically it makes the grapes difficult to select. Luckily here at Johner we hand […]

Inspecting Grapes at Little Vineyards and Lyndor

A few days ago Karl inspected the grapes at Little Vineyards.  Karl keeps a close eye on the grapes and is checking for the level of ripeness. This vineyard is situated just east  of Masterton on limestone soil and is owned by Nick Dench. Karl makes his wines, and they are under Nick Dench’s label of “Little Vineyards of Wairarapa”   Our top of the range Cabernet & Merlot “Lyndor” is sourced from a vineyard not far from Nick Dench’s […]

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Wild yeast goes wild!

In order to express the true terroir of our vineyard we do use some indigenous yeast from the vineyard. This means we have to collect some of the juice after being pressed and put the juice with out any other addition in to the warmth, and the warmest place at the moment happens to be the kitchen. This ideal temperature will encourage the multiplication of the natural yeast. Once they are going they can get out of hand and froth […]

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Crushing our 2011 Sauvignon Blanc

Our Sauvignon Blanc grapes continue to be harvested even though we are having a few spots of rain and the temperature is rather chilly, they tell me there is a sprinkling of snow on the tops of the Tararua mountains. Not a wonder it is a little chilly! It is uplifting when the sun manages to break through the clouds.       In the winery the Sauvignon grapes are destemmed as they arrive in and then softly crushed. All […]